The Elixir Narrative

This page introduces you to Jim’s Amazing Do-It-Yourself Probiotic Elixir Maker Kit, providing a narrative of what we’ve learned about the Elixir Maker Kit and its probiotics, which are “commensal” and treat each individual as their host, and help to diversify our gut.

In response to those who have asked for more information; those who have purchased a Kit; and anyone who has received the Elixir Maker Kit as a gift.  I hope and expect, to maintain contact with you as a Maker/User, to provide the Probiotic Elixir Powder, which includes the probiotics, and their prebiotics (fiber), required by the probiotics to grow and reproduce,

I am available to answer any questions you may have along the way to experiencing a healthy gut and a feeling of well-being.  We have 200 trillion bacteria inside in our gut microbiome and about 20 trillion bacteria that make up our skin microbiome.  98% of the bacteria in our gut and on our skin are commensal (helpful), beneficial and non-pathogenic. The other 2% are typically opportunistic pathogens that may over-grow due to our personal eating habits and undue exposure to inflammation caused by environmental carcinogens.

When we have gut issues, including pain, this is referred to as “dysbiosis”, and is usually due to an imbalance in our microbiota (our gut bacteria). Use of our Probiotic Elixir Maker, making billions of CFUs, colony-forming-units of three probiotics is intended to diversify our individual microbiomes.

The Elixir Maker Kit is a probiotic bacterial culture system that enables each of us to culture, grow and multiply by the billions, three unique Probiotic bacteria that may be able to diversify and change our gut: Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis continuously repeat their life cycle during their vegetative state until they sense that their food is getting scarce and drop their motors, differentiating, and “changing” into endospores, making an extracellular matrix to form chains of endospores and layers of chains to establish a biofilm colony, that invites and protects the Probiotic Pseudomonas fluorescens, a non-spore-former to be an integral resident of the biofilm colony with the Bacillus.

Together, they have the ability to pass through our stomach acid with a pH of 2, unharmed; and then pass through our bile acids, pH 3 & pH 4, unharmed, that are injected by our gall bladder at the top of our small intestine.

Upon passing this point, the Probiotics recreate, “re-assemble” and imbed their nanometer-sized “motors” evenly-spaced over the entire surface of their outer membrane (each made up of a stator, (imbedded in their membrane over most their surface area, each with a post shaped rotor post with an arm, which is attached to a thin ribbon (flagellum) that spins faster than a turbo prop airplane engine, at hundreds of cycles per second, making the shape of a corkscrew.

The Pseudomonas also recreate and reassemble their motors with rotors attached to flagella, which are imbedded at their polar opposite ends;  all of this activity happens in quantum time, within pico-seconds,  with all of the probiotics able to pass through the full  length of our small intestine (18 ft to 35 ft) to reach the wall of our large intestine, in just 3 hours.

Each of us is able to use the Elixir each morning, throughout the day, and each evening to diversify our gut; which enables and helps all of the beneficial probiotic bacteria that are an integral part of our microbiome, inside our gut and on our skin.

Elixir is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: ‘life’ circa 1300 Middle English, originating from  Arabic & Greek. The second definition is “extending life indefinitely”. Both definitions apply to the Elixir that we make and culture, by using the `Maker Kit’.

The following link to  offers n NPR animation titled, The Invisible World of the Human  Microbiome.

You may request an email of 20 attachments including scientific articles, that support the anecdotal statements of Makers and Users of the Probiotics, below, and What We’ve Learned About the Elixir Maker, that are listed in page 2 and page 3 of the Amazing Elixir Maker Kit Handout.   I provide this information to the public at Farmers Markets and to participants taking part in Probiotic Workshops presented by Backyard Probiotics. A hard copy of the Elixir Maker Kit Handout and two other handouts are included with the Elixir Maker Kit.

I have sold more than 1000 Elixir Maker Kits since introducing them at the Chelan Earth Day Fair. at RiverWalk Park, April, 2015.  More than 3000 people, made up of whole families, including adults and children of all ages and their pets, have been using the Elixir, on a daily basis for these last 72 months, without complaint. Elixir Makers and Users include, but are not limited to, those suffering from Acid Reflux, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Celiac Disease (grain(gluten) allergies), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  irritable bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis (UC),  diverticulitis, UTIs, urinary-tract-infections, diabetic nerve pain of the  extremities including hands, feet and legs; arthritic pain and swollen joints, and the extreme pains associated with migraines, and fibromyalgia.

The Probiotic bacteria that make the magic in the Elixir are commensal and treat each of us as their host, activating our innate immune systems with the first half cup of Elixir and each succeeding cup that we take.  The Elixir Maker Kit is provided with 2 level teaspoons, measuring 4 grams of Probiotic Elixir Powder, loose inside the Maker, for a total of Eight-Billion-Colony-Forming-Units of Probiotic Bacteria: Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis, and Pseudomonas  fluorescens, with their prebiotics, made up of certified organic alfalfa meal (86%), certified organic kelp meal (4%), and nutritional  yeast flakes (10%).

The Elixir Maker Kit includes your choice of either a 100-gram ziplock stand-up pouch of Probiotic Elixir Powder enough to make 340-8 oz. cups or 85 quarts of Elixir; or a 200-gram ziplock stand-up pouch of Probiotic Elixir Powder, enough to make 660-8 oz. cups or 165 quarts of Elixir.

Each gram of Probiotic Elixir Powder contains Two-Billion-Colony-Forming-Units (CFUS) of Probiotics and their prebiotic (fiber) food.  The Maker comes ready to start-up (with 4 grams of probiotics loose inside) by filling it with about 6 quarts of fresh water (non-  chlorinated), (carbon-block-filtered or bottled spring  water) up to the brim of the fill cap, by setting the maker on the cedar wood-  block provided, to enhance re- circulation and activation of the probiotics, with its spigot about 5 inches in front of the face of the block at the high point, and plugging-in the air pump. We keep the air pump plugged in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A natural fiber bottle brush is provided for use to maintain the surface area around the top fill cap where wet flakes of the prebiotics: twice-milled, certified organic alfalfa meal, and kelp meal tend to stick to the Maker’s inside surfacesThis dry meal and powder swell when wetted, and these wet particles become short-term biofilm colony platforms eventually metabolized by the probiotic bacteria for their reproduction.

Nutritional yeast dissolves rapidly and is utilized first as a substrate of amino acids and vitamins. Twice-milled organic alfalfa meal and kelp meal, very complex polysaccharides are (hydrolyzed), made soluble; and with enzymes produced by the probiotics are converted into simple metabolites, enabling the probiotics’ reproduction and growth in numbers of colony-forming- units .

Alfalfa meal includes leaves that are easily metabolized and stem material which takes longer to metabolize due to its lignin  content and benzene-rings in its molecular structure. These particles appear in the Elixir Maker as white translucent suspended particulates, which are eventually metabolized by Pseudomonas fluorescens. Pseudomonas fluorescens is able to metabolize polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as one of the three plant-growth-promoting-bacteria (PGPB), that make up the Elixir’s Probiotics.

Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis make other types of complex enzymes, including, but not limited to, cellulase, hemi-cellulase, catalase, protease, peptidase, amylase, glutenase, lactase, and deoxyribonuclease (DNAse), and they are capable of metabolizing environmental carcinogens and all allergens which are airborne (inhaled) or food related and ingested, which are typically proteins.

The Elixir Maker Kit Handout (6 pages) is one of the attachments and it is provided in hard copy as a part of the Elixir Maker Kit and includes Start-up Instructions. 

If air stops producing a sweep of myriad small bubbles in the Elixir Maker, check that the airline is connected to the barb fitting on  the fill  cap, and that it is secure, at the tee-fitting juncture and dual-outlets of the air pump. The air pump remains in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The air pump uses about 3 watts of power and pumps about 3 liters of air per minute into the Maker.

Foaming is caused by the wetting and enzymatic conversion of 2 teaspoons of probiotic elixir powder may result in the elixir and  wet particles being ejected from the air exhaust stub, during startup of the Elixir Maker and during regular use after adding a 1/4 teaspoon or a 1/2 teaspoon of Probiotic Elixir Powder to the Elixir Maker, each morning. and allowing 24 hrs for its activation before using the Elixir.

This is usually remedied by removing a half-cup of Elixir from the Maker dropping the level of the Elixir flow under the barb fitting.

Foam may include wet particles of the alfalfa meal and kelp meal prebiotics, that may tend to plug the black HDPE air exhaust stub on the top fill-cap, reducing or stopping air-flow altogether from leaving from the Maker. This circumstance causes the Maker Bottle to expand, with pressure, lowering the level of the Elixir in the Maker, artificially.

This is remedied first, by relieving the pressure in the Maker, by loosening the top-fill cap, and allowing the liquid level to return to normal; followed by clearing the air exhaust stub secured to the top fill cap, by a barb fitting from underneath the cap, to clear the blockage by using a paper clip or a straightened plastic wire-tie, similar to the  wire-tie removed from the coil of electrical cord of the air pump.

We recommend a start-up period of 48 hours of activation of the probiotics, for their conversion and metabolism of their prebiotic food allowing for doubling in numbers of colony-forming-units to proceed, to a point where they sense that food is becoming scarce, initiating  “differentiation” in the two bacillus ( a change in form from vegetative state to “endospore” ) before our first use of the Elixir.

The recommendation is for us to use the Probiotics on a daily basis, by re-filling with water, the volume of Elixir we have removed for ourselves and our family members, including our pets, to us to use, for the next twenty-four hours, and to add a level 1/4 teaspoon (or a level 1/2 teaspoon of Probiotic Elixir Powder, if prompted by our need for a higher-concentration of probiotics in the Elixir for every quart of non-chlorinated water that we add, and allowing 24 hours activation of the probiotics until the next morning when we repeat this regimen.

We may choose to place the Maker on a counter-top near a sink for water to be available for re-filling each day and its maintenance.

Because the Probiotics are harmed by chlorinated, ozonated and electrolyzed water, It is recommended to use carbon-block filtered water, such as a BritaTM-filtered-water pitcher, or PureTM filter, either with replaceable carbon-block cartridges, or use of bottled spring water.  If you are able to use well water without water softener, all the better.

We use the Probiotic Elixir on a daily basis.

If we have no particular issues with our microbiome, the recommendation is to begin use with a half-cup twice a day, a half-hour before meals, and repeat this regimen for five days to a week, and then double the amount of Elixir we use to two 8 oz. cups per day.

If we are starting with apparent issues or discomfort, the recommendation at the start, is to use a full 8 oz. cup or more of Elixir twice a day. The Elixir does not spoil, nor can the Elixir be easily contaminated. After we remove the volume of Elixir for our daily use we allow the Elixir to “breathe” in its bottle, cup or container, with the cap(s) off, open on the counter top, or open with the cap off in the fridge.

In response to pathogens they encounter, the Probiotics will first, try to out-compete the pathogens for their food or nutrient.

To combat and destroy any pathogens these Probiotic bacteria are able to make species-specific antibiotics; Bacillus subtilis produces more than 60 different antibiotics, as lipopeptides, as well as surfactins.

Bacillus licheniformis makes Bacitracin, an antibiotic first introduced in 1951 (67 years ago) that we have all used as a component of Neosporin antibiotic ointment with polymixin and neomycin.

Pseudomonas fluorescens makes mupuracin, an antibiotic that kills pathogens, including MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant-Staphlococcus aureus.

The Elixir’s probiotics also make anti-microbials, anti-virals, anti-fungals, and anti-protozoans (anti-parasitics) first, and make antibiotics specific to our individual needs. These probiotics also produce and inject immunoglobulins as needed into our blood to improve our immune system and our resistance to disease.

For every amount (volume) of Elixir that we remove from the Maker, typically each morning, enough for ourselves to use and enough for our family and our pets to use, (all mammals have a similar immune system to us humans), throughout the day; we immediately refill the Elixir Maker, up to the lower lip of its fill cap, with non-chlorinated, carbon block-filtered or bottled spring     water and add the corresponding amount of Probiotic Elixir Powder.

We  add a level half teaspoon per quart, preferably giving it 24 hours until the next morning to be  activated and ready to use and repeating this cycle or regimen each day.

If issues or discomfort persist, we may increase our volume of elixir we use, or we may increase the concentration of the probiotics in the elixir that we use.

If there is an odor issue, it is usually due to a crimped or loose air-line. The air pump generates almost three liters or quarts of air per minute.

Be sure to follow the directions included in the five-page Workshop/Farmers Market Handout (a hard copy comes with the Kit and is  also included below as as one of the attachments.

If you have pets: cats, dogs, or birds you may provide this Elixir in their water bowl up to full strength or on their dry food.

As a Maker, each of us, is able to explore the Elixir’s attributes.

You may notice that you have more energy at the end of the day, because these three probiotic bacteria are extracting and making more essential nutrients available to your body from the food you eat.

The beneficial bacteria that are present in a healthy microbiome produce all of our essential amino acids, all of our B-Vitamins, folic acid, and vitamin-12 biotin and vitamins K-1 and K-2.

The probiotic bacteria unique to the Elixir: Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas fluorescens, also produce all of our essential amino acids and all of the B-vitamins, including folates and biotin  and vitamin B-12 and they make enzymes to breakdown starches,  proteins, fats and oils, oligosaccharides, and  omplex carbohydrates.

Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis produce more glutenase than most bacteria, and Bacillus licheniformis produces cellulase, hemi-cellulase and catalases.

Bacillus licheniformis, specifically produces DNAse (DeoxyriboNucleAse), an enzyme that eliminates the plaque on our teeth; and simultaneously breaks up the extracellular-DNA covering and protecting the biofilm of 24-pathogens which cause tooth decay and gum disease; and exposes these pathogens to anti-microbials and antibiotics to eliminate tooth decay and gum disease.

This same DNAse breaks up and eliminates the pathogenic biofilm of bacteria in our sinuses, which is the cause of chronic sinusitis. For 130 million Americans and 70 million Europeans each year.

This DNAse breaks up the pathogenic biofilms that cause inflammation. leading to “leaky gut”, the actual perforation of our intestines, caused by a biofilm of pathogenic bacteria, on the interior surface of our small intestine, our large intestine, or the interior surface of our colon.

The probiotics in the Elixir also produce antimicrobials, i.e. nisins and bacteriocins, anti-fungals to eliminate yeasts and fungi, anti-virals to eliminate viruses and anti-protozoans that eliminate parasites from our body. They treat and eliminate allergies by producing enzymes that metabolize all allergens.

These probiotics metabolize and eliminate environmental carcinogens, (including false estrogens and chlorinated hydrocarbons i.e. insecticides, including DDT and Lindane and herbicides: including glyphosate (Roundup & Rodeo), herbicides, all chlorinated hydrocarbons  and aromatic hydrocarbons,  crude oil and all chemicals associated with crude oil exploration and refining, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, solvents, acetone, dioxins, cyanides and nitrosamines which are typically stored in our fat cells.

These probiotics are also capable of ridding our bodies of heavy metals (aluminum, from use of anti-perspirants, and lead, cadmium and chromium that we may ingest in our water caused by aged corrosion of our water distribution systems. These probiotics attract atoms of these heavy metals to themselves, holding them fast, essentially sequestering these heavy metals for removal from our bodies in our poop.

The one-ounce, and two-ounce fine-mist atomizer bottle(s) are to be filled with decanted Probiotic Elixir (clarified by allowing the solids to settle) before slow-filling the small bottle with the Elixir, allows each of us, including each family member, as the user, to treat a number of health issues we all face, beyond diversifying our gut microbiomes.

We do not need to refrigerate the spray, nor should it develop an odor. The two Bacillus probiotics, B.subtilis and B.licheniformis, in endospore form, protect the third probiotic: Pseudomonas fluorescens, which does not differentiate into an endospore, as an integral partner of the biofilm colony.

The atomizer(s) bottles come with a dust cap. To keep the spray tip, fresh, wipe the atomizer dry with a tissue, before re-applying the dust cap.

I have received a lot of positive feed back, and continue to welcome feedback, from those of us, willing to share, the results of our using  the Elixir Maker Kit, on a regular daily basis. The three Probiotic Bacteria in the Elixir, treat each of us as their Host, activating our innate immune systems, and healing whatever might be ailing each us.

Please see the testimonial statements of Elixir Makers and Users listed below.

  1. The Elixir works great as a nasal spray, immediately clears stuffy nose, and dissolves and  flushes mucus, allowing us to clear it with a sip of the elixir (jm)
  2. It eliminates the pathogenic biofilm of bacteria in our nasal cavity, which is the main cause of chronic sinusitis. (rc)
  3. We can also use this as a throat spray, for a sore throat, or a congestive cough. (mn)
  4. We can use it as a skin-spray, softening barnacles, so we can more easily rub them off. (jm)
  5. The elixir heals cuts, applied directly or on a band-aid, often overnight. (jm)
  6. I apply it to bruises abrasions, rashes, and eczema.(rg)
  7. I have used aloe vera gel as a moisturizer applied after applying the elixir.
  8. We can use it as an underarm spray, as an instantaneous deodorant.
  9. I find that its is also usable on the head and scalp, to soften and eliminate actinic keratosis. (jm)
  10. I use it as a spray to eliminate dry-flaky skin in my hair and the dry skin that collects in my ears.
  11. It eliminated the swelling in my ankles. (lm)
  12. The swelling and pain in my knee is gone. (rr)
  13. I no longer have diabetic nerve pain in my hands. ((rg)
  14. I no longer have diabetic nerve pain in my legs.  (jd)
  15. I no longer have that pain in my neck from an auto accident when I was a teenager. (kk)
  16. I noticed that I can turn my head without pain, without turning my shoulder.(jm)
  17. It healed an old wound in my thigh.(ar)
  18. It cleared up my two adult sons’ hemorrhoids within two weeks of using the Elixir. (ar)
  19. Using prayer with the Elixir saved my grand daughter’s kitten within two weeks after the  veterinarian had done everything she could.(sf)
  20. My 4-year-bout with nausea, after two colon operations, has ended.
  21. My acid reflux has been cured within two weeks of taking the elixir and I am saving $200 dollars a month in medications. (kk)
  22. It’s cleared up my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).(ch)
  23. It’s cleared up my diverticulitis.
  24. (jg)I am diabetic and have suffered migraines daily since I was 8 years old, I have been taking a half-cup of the Elixir each day for a year now, and I have experienced just one migraine during this period and my blood glucose level has been down- regulated to regular and steady.
  25. It eliminates the plaque on my teeth, I no longer have bad breath, my gums no-longer bleed when I use a stim-u-dent or a toothpick, and  my dental hygienist confirms that my papillae,(the fleshy part of the gums between my teeth) are growing back. (jm)
  1. I have more energy especially later in the day.(jm)
  2. I want to tell my story about Jim’s “amazing elixir”, Backyard Probiotics. Two years ago. I started taking these amazing probiotics because I had IBS and was a self-imposed shut-in because of this condition. The only things I went out for were the necessities, work, food, and Dr’s appts. After much success with Jim’s probiotics and 2 years of drinking 4-18 oz. bottles a day, I decided to see if I could cut down on my intake. I decreased the amount I took daily quite slowly and 3 months later I was down to two -8 oz. glasses a day with no  adverse effects.  Now, 3 more months of taking 2-8oz glasses a day, the IBS is at bay. I no longer have to worry about leaving my house for a few hours or even the whole day because the symptoms of IBS are gone. I will continue to take 2-8oz glasses of Jim’s “amazing elixir” because it works,  and I  know how important probiotics are to my health. This is my success story thanks to Jim’s Backyard Probiotics, the “amazing elixir”. (ch) .