Deluxe ~ Jim’s Amazing Probiotic Elixir Maker Kit


Elixir Maker Deluxe Kit

  • 1.25 gallon Narrow profile BPA-free plastic water bottle
  • 200-gram resealable, ziplock, stand-up pouch of Probiotic Elixir Powder, enough to make 660 8-oz. Cups of Elixir
  • High capacity air pump producing 2.7L of air per minute


Jim’s Amazing Deluxe Probiotic Elixir Maker Kit is now available with a resealable zip-lock, stand-up pouch with a foil back and clear window containing 200 grams of Jim’s Amazing Probiotic Elixir Powder, enough to make 660 8- oz. Cups of Probiotic Elixir. The Elixir Maker Kit includes a high capacity air pump, a cedar wood block to support the Maker and a natural fiber bottle brush for collecting and moving wet solids back into the Elixir that appear around the edge of and inside the top-fill cap. The Kit also includes one or more one oz. glass fine-mist atomizer spray bottle(s) with dust caps. offered at no cost, to family members, given the need, for Elixir Makers and Users to fill with “clarified” Elixir (elixir allowed to settle, which may be decanted into the small one oz. bottle) for our use, as a Probiotic Spray for skin (allergies, itches, rashes, warts, barnacles, blemishes, abrasions and cuts, for scalps (dandruff, dry skin, actinic keratosis skin tags, eyes (pinkeye), ears (aches, dry skin, for the nose as a nasal spray in each nostril (to shorten the duration of colds and chronic sinusitis) and the mouth for dry mouth, breath odor, and throat (sore throat, dry cough, and congestive cough.

Elixir Powder Contents: IOS-500, an OMRI-listed, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Pathogenic, Probiotic Inoculant with 2×10 to the ninth power or Two Billion CFUS: Colony-Forming Units of Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis, and Pseudomonas fluorescens, per gram of Prebiotics: 83% Alfalfa Meal, 7% Kelp Meal and 10% Nutritional Yeast.

The Elixir Maker Kit comes ready for startup with 2 level teaspoons, 4 grams, of Probiotic Elixir Powder loose inside the Maker with an air bubble stone inserted into the end of a black polyethylene tube extending toward the heel of the Elixir Maker. The 4 grams plus the 200 grams of Probiotic Elixir Powder in the resealable zip-lock, stand-up pouch is enough to make 660 8-oz.-cups of Jim’s Amazing Probiotic Elixir. A clear flexible airline connects the Air Pump to a barb fitting in the Elixir Maker’s fill cap and the black poly tubing.

Learn how to set up your elixir kit.

Additional information

Weight 4.125 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 in