Creating the Magic

Two of the three strains of bacteria in Jim’s Amazing Plant Elixir are from the order Bacillus. Abundantly living in the environment, water, air and soil, they are also fixtures in the guts of insects, invertebrates, birds, aquatic life, animals and humans. In artisanal crafted foods and beverages that are prepared by long fermentation, these Bacilli strains play key roles in halting spoilage and inhibiting pathogens such as opportunistic molds, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Shigella and Yersinia. When taken as part of a probiotic supplement, they aid our guts in the very same way.

Bacillus subtilis is a facultative aerobe, able to ferment dietary fiber into lactic acid which helps boost immunity. Bacillus subtilis also produces short-chain-fatty acids, in particular butyrate in the colon. Butyrate protects and optimizes colon health, helps heal leaky gut, calms chronic inflammation and even helps lower blood sugar levels. Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis have been shown to improve symptoms related to a variety of conditions: acute rotavirus diarrhea, antibiotic-associated dysbiosis, IBS-diarrhea, intestinal pain/gas, high cholesterol, canker sores, dental caries, vaginitis, and pain and disability related to rheumatoid arthritis.

Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis are shown to be extremely efficacious for GI infections, decreasing upper respiratory infections and preventing dysbiosis and diarrhea during antibiotic therapy. They aid digestion by helping to break down and assimilate fats, proteins and starches in our food. These two Bacillus also release enzymes that help aid hydrolysis of allergenic proteins like gluten, cellulose, mycotoxins, antinutrients, phenols and tannins. They also produce enzymes, nisins and bacteriocins that break down harmful bacteria, molds, yeasts and aflatoxins.

Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis are used in Europe and developing countries extensively for acute diarrhea, dysbiosis, and the treatment of antibiotic-induced diarrhea, allergic rhinitis and irritable bowel syndrome. These two strains are protective bacterial strains with the power to activate and boost our innate immune systems. They have also been used as adjuvants, administered nasally with the vaccines for HIV, HPV and Tuberculosis, resulting in increased T-cell production and antibody production.

Both Bacilli strains have been used successfully to treat diarrhea and protect native gut flora in infants and children, and also appear to take action against pathogens that frequently are associated with inflammation, obesity and digestive problems, such as Staphylococcus and Clostridium difficile.

A recent study showed that Bacillus triggered significant reversal of small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO). Another study showed that Bacillus clausii shortened recurrent respiratory infections in children, and provided lasting protection for up to three months after discontinuation.